Washington County Intent on Reducing Buffer Along Abbey Creek

The Washington County Board of Commissioners will consider adopting Ordinance 801 on September 1, 2015.

Map for Abbey Creek

This Ordinance would greatly reduce a buffer that currently prevents development on steep slopes above Abbey Creek on the north edge of North Bethany.  The buffer was created to protect agricultural lands adjacent to the new urban development in North Bethany, but also serves to protect the important wildlife corridor along Abbey Creek and ensures that homes won’t be built in areas which the state of Oregon has identified as landslide hazards.

The developers who own the land have asked that the current buffer, which ranges from 158’ to 365’ (effective depth), to an even 50’ so they can build homes on this hillside.  If the buffer is reduced, additional trees and shrubs would be required to be planted in the smaller buffer, but existing trees outside of the 50’ buffer would be removed to allow homes to be developed.

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FPNA Participates in BioBlitz

The Forest Park Neighborhood Association (FPNA) is one of the city of Portland’s 95 neighborhood associations. It rests on the west side of Forest Park between NW Barnes on the south, Newberry Road on the north and the Washington County line on the west.

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It is a unique rural and semi-rural neighborhood with homes that range from quiet in-the-woods houses to large places with views and vaulted ceilings. The homes are on subdivided lots or acreage ranging from 1 to 40 acres in size. We are part of a wildlife corridor that reaches as far as Oregon’s Coast Range supporting the biodiversity and wildness of Forest Park.

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